How to support local board game businesses

I am sure everyone is reaching saturation on how much they are hearing about COVID-19. And while I plan to blog about anything else, and all the fun of board games in the near future, I do want to make a small post about how to support local board game business during these strange times. Obviously game night is a no go outside of the groups people have chosen to socially isolate with (family, roommates, etc…) But these stores still deserve your business, and can help make what could be cabin fever into something a bit more sane.

Zombie Planet is still stocking and selling great games. They are offering to ship games to your house if you do not or cannot get out to pick up games yourself. 

Bard and Baker Board Game Cafe is offering great food delivery. Seriously, half the reason I love this place is because of their amazing food, so consider some takeout while you work from home near the Troy area.

They are also offering sanitized board game rentals. Board game rentals are a great low cost way to keep the Cabin Fever away. And heck, if you try before you buy, you’ll know exactly what to order from Zombie Planet.

Lastly Bard and Baker are offering an additional $25 gift card when you purchase a $100 dollar gift card, and offer free shipping as well. Those extra $25 equals 5 free game nights when life gets back to normal!

I realize these are strange times, and it might be a bit odd to be concerned about board games when many people are just worried about their next paycheck. But these small businesses do so much for our community that I want to do anything I can to support them. Please let me know if there are any other local board game businesses that have special programs and I will be sure to add them here!

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